Saint Mary Catholic Community

11 First St. Gilroy California


Daily Masses

Monday to Friday / (Lunes a Viernes)

7:15 a.m. (English)

12:10 p.m. (Español)


8:30am (English)

5:00pm (Vigil, English)

7:00pm (Vigil, Español)

Parish Office

  1. (408)847-5151

(408) 847-4851 (Fax)

Parish School

  1. (408)842-2827

(408) 847-7679 (Fax)

Catechetical Ministries

7950 Church St., Rm 100

(408) 847-2652

St. Joseph's Family Center

7950 Church St., #A


Contact the office before or after the child’s birth. Preparation should begin at least one month prior to the desired date. Preparation can begin before the birth of the child. Instructions are held every 1st & 2nd Wednesday in English at 7:00 PM. Baptisms are scheduled by appointment only.

Venga a la Oficina Parroquial por un folleto de información bautismal y un cuestionario. Haga una cita con el Padre para llenar la solicitud de Bautis- mo. Las clases son el jueves y viernes da la primera y cuarta semana de cada mes a las 7:00 PM.

Bride & Groom must begin preparation with the priest a minimum of six months prior to intended date of marriage.
Los novios deben comunicarse con el padre con seis meses de antici- pación a la fecha de su celebración.


Saturday 4:00-4:45 PM or by appointment.

Sábados de 4:00 a 4:45 PM ó entre semana con previa cita.


Eucharistic Ministers    (English)

lectors                          (English)

choir                              (English)

Nov2014.pdf            (Español)

First Sunday of Advent

Sunday Masses

  6:30 am (English)       

8:00 am  (English)

10:00 am (Español)      

12:00 am (English)

5:00 pm  (English)        

7:00 pm (Español)

Results of Listing Campaign

Concerns              (English)        Values                  (English)

Preocupaciones  (Spanish)       Valores                 (Spanish)

Parish Festival: September 21

Father Robert calling the grand prize winner.

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